Listen! Flight by Mind Vs Matter

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In advance of the EP launch at the end of the month, we would like to share two gorgeous tracks from Samuel Ong’s forthcoming FLIGHT EP.

(from the press release)

Mind vs Matter (MVM) is Samuel Ong, an instrumental/alternative rock artist from Singapore, set to make his debut in 2017. Marrying hard hitting sounds with entrancing ambience, MVM bridges the gap across a spectrum of musical styles.

The EP – Flight, is sincere and emotive; in its delivery of a mesmerising, sonic experience. Featuring a labyrinth of woven instrumental sections, Flight creates melodies worthy of undisputed triumph.

30 September, 7pm at Aliwal Arts Centre. See you there!


Listen! What You’re Feeling Is Not Enough


© Little Ong

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“Sorry, I Got Carried Away” is a track off TypeWriter‘s upcoming five-song EP, What You’re Feeling Is Not Enough.

The EP launch will be held at the Esplanade Annexe Studio on 9 September, with supporting band Lost Weekend and DJ collective Tiko Disko.

(from the press release)

“What You’re Feeling Is Not Enough” marks the band’s latest EP in seven years. Formed in 2001, the band returns with a more invigorating sound palette, while still retaining that emotional fortitude and keeping it real through their unabashedly honest songwriting.

“What You’re Feeling Is Not Enough” is TypeWriter taking that leap of faith to venture into the unchartered territory – exploring new sonic palettes and music experimentations, while revelling in the quirks that make us human, through the five songs carefully selected for their latest EP in seven years.

“We hope our songs can provide comfort to this noisy confusion of daily living, and the strength to never brush off our feelings, no matter how difficult those feelings are. As a band, we are always looking for ways to push ourselves as artists and to keep it real and honest, never to be afraid to give our heart and soul in the things we love. That’s how we grow and evolve as a band and as unique individuals,” muses the band’s frontman Yee Chang Kang on the overall concept of the EP.

Taking on more artistic adventures, the EP serves as a testament to the band’s musical diversity, as evident from the hypnotic opening slow burner “Everything Is Classified”, to the soaring power pop epic “Gentle Wind” (featuring Rachel Tan of Lost Weekend on vocals), to the poignant yet uplifting first single “Sorry, I Got Carried Away”.

Digital format and limited-edition heavyweight coloured vinyl will be out on 8 September 2017.


D#, Design in Singapore’s Music Scene





Earlier this year Design Says Hello collaborated with Indigo Child Agency on project D# (pronounced D Sharp), a  visual presentation of Singapore’s talented designers in the music industry. The project was showcased early March on the rooftop of the National Design Centre as part of Singapore Design Week 2017.

“The intention of the project was to create a deeper conversation on the importance and role of design in the process of artist branding and development,” Design Says Hello founder ZIQQ explains. “The featured film was the aftermath of many weeks of planning, filming and editing – all so that we can give a spotlight on this very niche and unique aspect of design in music. We can only hope that this film opens up many more conversation about the role of design in the context of our progressive country that is Singapore.”

“In recent years, we’ve seen Singapore music grow to be one that is vibrant, full of individualism and improvisation. As the spotlight shines on our current musicians and artists, we hope D# will impress upon and amplify the works of our talented designers here in Singapore.” – Daniaal Adam of Indigo Child.



New Drop! Retrofocus by Retrofocus


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(from the press release)

Formed in 2016, Retrofocus is an alternative pop band that gives music a fresh twist with their fusion of different genres accompanied by groovy rhythms and catchy melodies.

Influenced by jazz fusion, funk and dance music, Retrofocus aims to redefine modern day pop into a fusion of genres and bring a new feel to the music industry.

Following their debut single ‘Hands Around’ released in February 2017, alternative pop act Retrofocus has returned with their debut EP Retrofocus, including upbeat tunes such as ‘Morning Light’ and a slow number ‘Happy Tune’.

The EP is composed and written by Juan Ezwan and Jordana Jewel. Mixed and mastered by Shorya Sharma at AOR Studios, Retrofocus is produced by Jai Dzafir and co-produced by Juan Ezwan.

Find the album on iTunes and Spotify.


Songs I Love To Be Mine by Jasmine Sokko

jasmine sokko-COVER EP

(from the press release)

Electronic music artist Jasmine Sokko has just released a compilation of covers on Soundcloud in anticipation of her upcoming 3rd single. The project, titled Songs I Would Love To Call Mine, features reworks of songs close to her heart and appear frequently in her current live performance sets.

She shares, “These songs were never exactly finished. They are all cover demos done in 2017 for fun and a lot of love for the music. Since they are not mixed or mastered, I tried to doctor the mp3s into a more listenable state. However, they weren’t properly recorded in the first place and never meant to be heard by anyone in this manner. So it’s a bit of a mess. Hope you have as much fun listening to these songs as much I had while covering them.”

Jasmine’s third single ‘Porcupine’ and accompanying music video will drop end July 2017.


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