Call for Submissions: Singapore Art Show

The National Arts Council (NAC) and Singapore Art Museum (SAM) are pleased to invite visual arts submissions from Singapore and Singapore-based artists for the Singapore Art Exhibition 2009, co-presented by both organisations, to be held between 21 August to 4 October.

The Theme this year is a palatable ART BUFFET SINGAPORE! where artists will have a buffet spread of 12 themes to respond to: Food, Material, Ritual, Spectrum, Signs, Gesture, Craft, Body, Time, Space, Order and Humour.

Singapore Art Exhibition 2009 offers artists from all disciplines a national platform to participate via an open call for submissions. The best submission will be awarded the Singapore Art Exhibition Prize – a $50,000 grant which can be used for professional or capability development through residencies, further studies or training, and for the creation and/or presentation of bold, new projects and works.

The registration date will be released soon. More details available here.

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Culturepush Job Board

Photo: sookie

One of our guests at Next Stop: Wonderland emailed the next day to ask whether I could help him advertise for a design position at his organization. To which I said, of course I can! But obviously, I got a little too enthusiastic and built a whole new site just for it.

So voila, presenting the Culturepush Job Board, our bulletin board for creative jobs, gigs (i.e. freelance one-off projects) and calls for entry to local and international design and art competitions.

Within a few days, the board has gotten a number of exciting openings for designers and artists:

As we’ve discovered over the course of running Culturepush, Singapore is exploding with creative talent, and we hope the Job Board will give both young and experienced professionals opportunities to connect with employers and clients who believe in that.

So check back often, or even better, subscribe to the Job Board’s RSS feed to get jobs delivered immediately to you.

For employers who have a creative position to fill, listing a job on our Job Board is free. Every ad runs for 30 days and you get exposure on the Job Board, our main site (see the sidebar), the Wank Shed and through RSS feeds. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

If you’re still unsure, here are more reasons to list on the Board and if that sounds good to you, info on how to submit your listing.

Or simply email: jobs [at] culturepush [dot] com.




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