Dance to the Rhythm with Joeyee Watt

Facts: Joeyee Watt is a fresh graduate from The Glasgow School of Art majoring in Graphic Design. Joeyee is a vocalist and a dancer. Joeyee loves to perform. Result: Joeyee’s final year project fuses his musical passion with his interest in design.

“Inspired by the reality TV series So You Think You Can Dance Australia, I blended  improvised dance movements with a series of “Isochords” inspired graphics; a visualization of musical structure, “Rhythm It” a dance movement (inspired by Marathon) that promotes understanding and appreciation of music, better express oneself and to keep fit/healthy! After the event, participants who want to follow up can go to any of the dance game installation booths (Kinect game inspired) or even buy a DVD which enables them to play at home.”



Touch: īˈdentitē

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(from the press release)

Touch: īˈdentitē is an official collaboration between James Lye, Amin Farid and Fasihah Latiff that aims to explore indepth the relationship between movement and sound. This multidisciplinary production will be presented in a unique fashion through a combination of interactive installations, live performances and post-show talk.

The exploration of movement and sound will be demonstrated by fusing sonic arts with street and traditional Malay dance forms. The production offers an effective blend of experimental music technology with performing arts by empowering dancers with the ability to control and be at the helm for both movement and sound.

Throughout the entire duration of the 3 day production, fixed installations of electronics and gadgets used for the production will be up and placed around the venue for all visitors to interact and engage with. This allows all visitors to have a first-hand association of what the dancers are experiencing, by creating a personal sonic tapestry when engaging with the various technologies presented.

The performance segment of the production, which occurs twice daily, consists of three separate works each lasting approximately 10 minutes. The first work which integrates sonic arts with traditional Malay dance uses sensors attached to dancers, translating movement into an entirely independent sonic tapestry generated by manipulating sounds of traditional Malay instruments such as the rebana, biola, and accordion. In brief, the semiological context aims to present the theme of having a desire to stay connected to one’s roots despite the blurred identity fostered by a rapidly progressing society.

The second work which is designed to succeed the former with the theme of “state of exploration” fuses sonic arts with street dance by using concepts of radio sound transmission and electrical contact controlled by a group of three dancers. Electronic and heavily synthesised sounds will be the primary musical source used, therefore reflecting the aesthetics of the street dance art form.

The final work is a thematic development of the production which drives home the message of “self-discovery”, realised through the transition of the preceding thematic phases. This finale piece attempts to juxtapose and hybridise traditional Malay dance with street dance whilst encompassing it with sonic arts. Three pairs of dancers, each consisting of a traditional Malay dancer and street dancer, will face their counterparts. Separated by a piece of glass or clear plastic, which symbolises a mirror, their various intensity and strokes on the “mirror” surface will trigger an assortment of musical and sonic elements, which are both traditionally influenced and electronically generated.

A post-show talk will commence upon the completion of the performance segment. A facilitator approach is used to conduct and direct the talk, with the occasional appearance of prominent Singapore artists and practitioners as guest facilitators.

Show Dates

Performance & Post-Show Talk
25 July, 7:30pm – 26 July, 1:00pm and 7:30pm – 27 July 1:00pm and 7:30pm
Interactive Installation
25 July, 1:00pm to 10:00pm – 26 July, 10:00am to 10:00pm – 27 July, 10:00am to 10:00pm

Venue: Aliwal Arts Centre (Multi-Purpose Studio)


liTHE 2014 by T.H.E Second Company

(from the press release)

The third annual showcase featuring the choreographic and dance talents of T.H.E Second Company, the youth wing of leading contemporary dance company T.H.E Dance Company, takes place this 27 – 29 June 2014. liTHE 2014 features a cast of 21 dancers aged 18 – 32, in a triple bill of edgy new creations by emerging choreographers, Lee Ren Xin, Marcus Foo and Goh Shou-Yi, exploring identity through gender, memory and the dancer’s anatomy.

Lee Ren Xin presents the complexities and contradictions of being a young woman in a sleekly modern society, in She’s Chinese, and I’m Twenty-Five. Using the dancer’s body as a toolbox, Goh Shou-Yi explores the combustive possibilities of simultaneously deconstructing and reforming its various parts in 112319892416856. In Notes of Last Thursday, Marcus Foo revisits the logic of past events through 6 original poems written by the choreographer, in order to make sense of the present.

27 and 28 June, 8pm. 28  and 29 June,  3pm at the Goodman Arts Centre Black Box. Email or call 6345 8454 for ticketing details.


SPROUTS All Stars 2012

 Jernih by Rizwan Kamis.

 Kampung Bandung di Sore Hari by Gianti Giadi.

 Something Shift by Christina Chan.

 Spill Your Guts by Khairul Shahrin.

 Tension in Silence by Max Chen Guohui.

Arriving at its fourth year, SPROUTS is the national competition for choreographic talent that focuses on the originality and creativity of choreographic concepts. This year, the organisers are taking the competition to the next level with an exciting twist: An All Stars edition in which finalists and winners of the past three years’ will pit their works against each other at a Final Showcase on 15 September.

Jointly organised by the National Arts Council (NAC) and local contemporary dance company, Frontier Danceland, SPROUTS All Stars 2012 showcases five of the exciting talents discovered in the previous three editions of SPROUTS. The contenders include: Christina Chan, Most Promising Work 2011, CONTACT 2011 Partial Scholarship from T.H.E Dance Company, chosen to present a work in Dancers’ Lockers by Frontier Danceland. Gianti Giadi, Most Promising Work 2009. Khairul Shahrin,  CONTACT 2011 Full Scholarship from T.H.E Dance Company, chosen to present a work in Dancers’ Lockers by Frontier Danceland. Max Chen Guohui, Best Dancer 2010, CONTACT 2010 Partial Scholarship from T.H.E Dance Company. Rizwan Kamis, Honourable Mention 2011.

15 September, 8pm at the School Of The Arts, Drama Theatre distinguished judges will determine the ultimate winner of SPROUTS All Stars 2012. Click here for tickets.



Meet Two SPROUTS 2011 Finalists

Photo credits: SPROUTS 2011.

After a vigorous selection round, choreographers Christina Chan (23) and Nicholas Long (21) have successfully made it to the finals of SPROUTS 2011, a competition organised by the National Arts Council (NAC) and co-presented by local contemporary dance company, Frontier Danceland.

SPROUTS aims to identify budding choreographic talent and provide them with a platform to create new and original concepts and ideas for dance that they can further develop. This year, with the addition of more applications extended to Non Singaporeans SPROUTS 2011 saw more choreographers adding their take to the various genres of dance, from hip-hop and funk, to jazz and traditional ethnic dance. In the Final Showcase on 3 September the winner will bag a cash prize of $2000, an Arts Professional Development Grant of up to $3000 to pursue further training in choreography, as well as the chance to perform a new piece at the finals of SPROUTS 2012.

About the Finalists …

Christina Chan graduated summa cum laude with a B.F.A. in Dance from The Boston Conservatory in May 2010 and was awarded the prestigious Arthur B. Whitney Medal for highest scholastic achievement. Originally from Singapore, she trained and performed with The Singapore Ballet Academy, and passed The Royal Academy of Dance Advance II Syllabus with distinction. She then moved to New Zealand to further her studies at The New Zealand School of Dance before moving to the United States. Christina has performed at various Singapore festivals including Singapore Dance Marathon, Singapore Youth Festival and The National Museum’s National Day Celebrations. She has danced in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and USA, and has worked for choreographers Jim Viera, Ashley Girgenti and Mary Wolf amongst others. Most recently she performed with T.H.E. Dance Company in “As it Fades” for the Singapore Arts Festival 2011. Christina received a scholarship from the National Arts Council from 2007-2011 and is also a recipient of a Merit Scholarship from The Boston Conservatory and the Julie Ince Thompson Award. She has had the opportunity to present four of her own choreographic works to the public.

Nicholas Long first started dancing at Nanyang Polytechnic. He began formal jazz training under the instruction of Peter Teo in 2007, and in 2008, discovered a new love for tap dancing when he joined various programmes organised by Jitterbugs Swingapore. He recently choreographed for the 2010 graduation show of Jitterbugs Swingapore’s Developing Artist Programme and was a guest choreographer for NUS Dance Ensemble’s Evocation 2011.Nicholas is currently training under Tiffany Wrightson for the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD), an international dance society providing examinations in all major dance disciplines throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region. He has obtained the CSTD Advanced Gold Bar for Tap and CSTD Grade 7 Jazz.

You can watch Christina, Nicholas and the other eight finalists battle it out on 3 September, 7.30pm at the NUS University Cultural Centre Theatre, 50 Kent Ridge Crescent. Tickets :  $15 and $10 available at Sistic.


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