Animated Sundays! Route 52

Route 52
Created by Jacinth Tan and Tok Xue Yi
Nanyang Technological University

“Sometimes you will meet the strangest person when you least expect it, so brave yourself and meet the unlikely pairing of Bart and Jimmy.

Bart, he’s your average hotdog tender situated at a desert highway. He’s trying to make a living just like the rest of us, before an unexpected accident bring an “out-of-this-world” Jimmy right into the picture. Bart feeling sorry for the little guy immediately tries to accommodate, but things quickly take a dramatic turn as Bart find out Jimmy is way more than he bargained for …”

The production process consisted of traditional animation techniques combined with the use of softwares such as Toon Boom and After effects under the Mentorship of Davide Benevuti and Hans Peter Bacher, both who are professors at Nanyang Technological University.

Click here to view more of the preproduction work.


Animated Sundays: The Boy in the Whale Suit

The Boy in the Whale Suit
Marie Toh, Director & Writer – Michelle Wong, Animation – Kiki Teo, Producer – Hannah Lim, Sound – Phung Nhat Huy, Rigging
LASALLE College of the Arts

“We all see other people from our own perspective. Sometimes, we see something in the other person that no one else notices. In this short film, the story details the curious sense of identification between people through our little heroine – Daiyu. As a lonely child, Daiyu spends her days playing with her toy Godzilla on her little balcony. Soon, she was intrigued by the boy in the whale suit who walks pass her flat every day. One day, she decides to follow the strange boy…. and thus, began her little adventure and journey to uncovering his identity and discover the meaning of friendship.Main inspiration for The Boy in the Whale Suit is Australian illustrator Shaun Tan. His visual aesthetics and narratives have played an important role in shaping the film as it is.”


Animated Sundays: Kite Effect

Password: kiteeffect2015
Kite Effect
Prescilia Khoo, Director, Writer, Producer
Tang Ying Hui, Director, Writer, Producer
LASALLE College of the Arts

“Inspired by the theory of the Butterfly Effect, this film explores the inter-connectivity between people and how we are able to affect one another through the most unexpected circumstances. Every action, no matter how insignificant it may seem, has the potential to create a huge impact. Such a phenomenon is not limited to bad happenings, but can also lead to positive outcomes.
This is a story of a grumpy Weatherman, whose job is to oversee and maintain the weather for a small town. One day, during a kite festival, a loose kite started a whole chain of events which eventually lead to a huge disaster. With the town’s safety at stake, the weatherman finds himself in a precarious situation where it is up to him to save the day.”


Animated Sundays: Afterline

YouTube Preview Image

A story by Afiq Danial Sham, Keng Chia Jin, Tan Mei Qi, Nursyafiqah Binten Jusman, Serene Lee Si Yun, Muhammad Khairulnizam, Yee Si Jie, Wong Kin Key
Singapore Polytechnic

“Mei Ling is a ghost, who wanders a hospital, searching for something. One night, she chances upon a mysterious figure, who escorts other souls of the departed to the AfterLife. Believing that this Grim Reaper is her way out of her problem, she follows him around the hospital as he reaps his souls, seeking his help. However, there is more to Mei Ling’s condition than meets the eye…”


Animated Sundays: Mamma Mia

YouTube Preview Image

Mamma Mia
A story by Choo Wen Xin, Eugene Yeoh, Pamela Lai, Sharon Mok
Singapore Polytechnic

“A hungry girl, Mia, attempts to steal bread from the grumpy baker. After several failed attempts she finally sees an opportunity to achieve her goal.”


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