Portraits of People – The Dream Issue

Portraits of People_Cover Darien

Portraits of People_Vakil

Portraits of People_Shahida

Portraits of People_Sheila

Portraits of People_Jamil

Portraits of People_Komaldt

In 2017 Huda Azzis, – a documentary editor – and Souher Wahba – Intermission Bar Manager at The Projector – got together to start Your Local Newsstand, an independent publishing group specialising in photography zines. “We got together because we wanted to publish our own zines. So in a way it is our little side project. We will be releasing 3 zines, and each issue will feature a specific theme and will be curated in different styles of storytelling.”

The first publication titled, “Portraits of People – The Dream Issue“, captures the dreams and hopes of people as they answer one question, What is your dream in life? “Together with our photographer friend, Imran Mohammed, we went out to photograph friends and strangers on the street. It’s a project that took a year to finish and was entirely self-funded and self-published.”




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