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(from the press release)

Singapore Artist Tang Ling Nah celebrates her 15th Year in the arts with an exhibition and her first documentary, Dreaming in Black and White 《幻境黑白》

Known for her charcoal drawings and charcoal-based site- specific installations, Ling Nah explores urban conditions and the city’s human relationships through shades of black, grey and voids of white. Is it any wonder then that her dreams—whether they are the images conjured up during sleep, her state of mind or the vision of her future—are in black and white?

From 1 to 17 Dec 2017, at Gallery I, The Arts House, Ling Nah will celebrate her 15th year in the arts by Dreaming in Black and White, a multi-component visual arts project comprising a solo exhibition and a documentary film. Through these components, she revisits her work and ex- plores its potential through new multidisciplinary collaborations with a filmmaker, animation artists and two dancers.

In her exhibition, the artist will present selected past charcoal drawings, paintings, sketches, photo- and video-documentations of her site-specific performances, and a new dance film.

The title Dreaming in Black and White is also inspired by an installation of the same name that the artist made during her artist residency at Vermont Studio Centre, U.S.A.

The artist will also debut her 100-minute documentary, titled Dreaming in Black and White: Portrait of a Singapore Artist Tang Ling Nah. Directed by Singapore filmmaker Lei Yuan Bin, the film is a cinematic story woven from Ling Nah’s artworks, artistic journey and daily life. Straddling fact and fiction through interviews, gathering with friends, dance and animation segments, the film attempts to blur the boundaries between the audience, Ling Nah’s art and her deepest being by taking its audience to real spaces—the artist’s studio and her favourite places—as well as the illu- sionary worlds of her drawings. She shares about her memories and relationships with people. She reveals her concerns about the ever-changing city and the impermanence of life. She muses aloud about charcoal, her major drawing medium. And she invites the viewer to take a peek at her work processes. The film ultimately celebrates the importance of having a dream, the courage to make our dreams come true and to keep dreams alive.

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