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In 2014, Olive Chua went to Nanyang Polytechnic to study Animation. In the years since, she developed an interest in mixed media creations; illustrating over photographs – be it her own photographs or royalty free images -, putting stickers over printed artworks, and more. “Recently I’ve picked up painting with gouache and found an artist who tears up and burns her paintings to enhance the theme, so I know what I’m going to try next.”

Olive has been working hard to develop a personal style, trying out different approaches to her art.  “I’ve come to realise that versatility is a plus, not a minus. I love looking at art, and there are so many artists and styles that I enjoy, so it doesn’t make much sense to limit myself to just one. I enjoy illustrating and experimenting with all sorts of different art styles, as well as art mediums.”

Art is fun and makes Olive happy. “I don’t overthink it,” she says. “I don’t believe art has to have a deeper meaning beyond its aesthetics to qualify as art, and while I do enjoy putting themes and concepts in my pieces, I enjoy drawing nonsensical things much, much more. If it doesn’t make sense, there’s no need to overanalyze it.”

Check out Olive’s work at the BODY//ANOMALIES show which runs until 12 November at ARTBLOVK.



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