Songs I Love To Be Mine by Jasmine Sokko

jasmine sokko-COVER EP

(from the press release)

Electronic music artist Jasmine Sokko has just released a compilation of covers on Soundcloud in anticipation of her upcoming 3rd single. The project, titled Songs I Would Love To Call Mine, features reworks of songs close to her heart and appear frequently in her current live performance sets.

She shares, “These songs were never exactly finished. They are all cover demos done in 2017 for fun and a lot of love for the music. Since they are not mixed or mastered, I tried to doctor the mp3s into a more listenable state. However, they weren’t properly recorded in the first place and never meant to be heard by anyone in this manner. So it’s a bit of a mess. Hope you have as much fun listening to these songs as much I had while covering them.”

Jasmine’s third single ‘Porcupine’ and accompanying music video will drop end July 2017.



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