Spotted! Crystal Fong

HDBs are all grey and dreary

I want Kopi C

In New York dogs can be carried onto the Subway

The heat is giving me a headache

Made during the mentorship programme at Monster Gallery, Crystal Fong used reduction printing to produce the featured work. “In a reduction print I develop all colors from the same block,” she tells Culturepush. “I must print the entire edition as I work, because the printable area of the single block is reduced with each color pass.”

“This series takes a critical viewpoint of my social and cultural surroundings. I reproduced familiar visual Icons, arranging them into new conceptually layered pieces.

Singapore is said to epitomize multiculturalism. Growing up, we are exposed to different cultures, and though most of the time we try and understand certain people’s racial beliefs, sometimes we just can’t comprehend a certain ethnic group’s way of life. As we pride ourselves for being a united country regardless of race, language or religion, we don’t usually question one’s way of life and just adapt or compromise. So it was a shock to me when my partner who is very westernized – she is Eurasian – started questioning my family’s very Chinese upbringing and values. This caused many arguments between us as we fail to understand each other’s culture. I also started to notice how my partner always stands out in public situations, due to her outspokenness and her different outlook on Singapore social standards. Making this series of works helped me to better understand her views on certain points she has made in the past.

Crystal’s work is on show at the Working Proofs: Young Printmakers League exhibition which runs until 30 June.



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