Folks by Chiam Yong Sheng Kevin

Folks-Chopping Board




Folks-Stove ring

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On display at the NUS DID Grad Show 2017, Folks presents Kevin’s year end project, a set of 5 kitchen tools for the visually impaired.

“Cooking is a challenging ritual for the visually impaired due to the lack of sensory references. To overcome the steep learning curve, “folks”, a series of familiar kitchen tools, leverages on natural, sensory feedback and tactile cues such that they can prepare food safely with convenience, confidence and dignity. At the moment, the system consists of 5 products: The knife spots a retractable (and detachable) guard that safeguards the user’s hands during cutting transitions. The chopping board affords modular arrangement of trays that facilitate with ingredient transfer. The stove ring allows the user to effectively recognise the burner’s boundaries. It also centralises and secures cookware in place during the cooking process. The pot lid provides a convenient nesting spot for kitchen tools and helps the user to identify the steam outlet with ease. It also prevents hot content from over spilling. The teaspoon’s integrated float informs the user of rising liquid levels while eliminating the contact between the liquid and the user’s fingers/thumb.”

The NUS Grad show 2017 runs until 8 June at the National Design Centre.



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