Spotted! Lim Jia Qi Jacey

Fleeting Encounters 2017 _ 1

Fleeting Encounters 2017 _3

Fleeting Encounters 2017_ 2

Fleeting Encounters (2017)

Stigma of Blessings 2016 _1

Stigma of Blessings 2016 _2

Stigma of Blessings 2016

Stigma of Blessings (2016)

Fresh graduate Jacey has always been intrigued by the nineteenth-century French literary concept, Flaneur. “A flaneur is a stroller, a passionate spectator of life and its surroundings, while remaining as a detached observer,” she explains. “To stand in the shoes of this figure is the constant starting point of my work: the observation of the crowd. Situating myself as a bystander, social narratives and human interactions are the common themes that I tend to dwell into.”

Talking about printmaking techniques, Jacey tells us that she finds the process of creating the image highly detached from the final print. “Ink is transferred from one surface to another, rendering a familiar image I’ve been working on, thus making it foreign. This detachment, being both “part of” and “apart from”, parallels with the third person’s perspective I tend to place myself in when approaching my art.”

Merging prints and installation, Jacey also has a keen interest in creating site-specific work. “I like to play with space and open up new perspectives in a medium often considered traditional.”



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