Spotted! Fiona Seow

fiona seow-3-hour drawing -2

fiona seow-3-hour drawing

3-hour Drawing takes on a ritualistic process that sees myself sitting down for 3 hours each day, drawing circles without stopping. The circle is a symbol of completion and perfection. Through this intensive repetitive process, I aim to push limits while thinking about time and infinity.

fiona seow-10

fiona seow-10 (detail)

10 takes a formalistic approach to art through the elimination of figures, icons and the extensive use of colours. With geometry as the main subject of my research, I aim to explore perfection while using repetition as the mode of production. Taking on the role as a producer of geometric forms, I attempt to seek perfect circle through an intensive drawing process.

fiona seow-fractal formation

fiona seow-fractal formation-2

Fractal Formation is a reflection of the adaptive nature of all beings. Through this installation, I am drawing a parallel between the growth pattern of plants and that of man – both are adaptive by nature. Similar to how the orchid can continue its growth with just elements from its environment, man will adapt and grow with experiences.

Since graduating with a Diploma in Fine Arts (Sculpture) from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2015, Fiona Seow’s work has been popping up at the Affordable Art Fair, Singaplural and Singapore Art Week to name a few.

With a background in Interior Design and an interest in space, geometry and numbers, Fiona creates complex compositions that reference her obsession with perfection and order, coupled with a compulsion to repeat. “My works are often a by-product of various processes that I engage in to achieve a meditative state or a sense of pleasure.”



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