Showers Forecasted by Andrew Loh

andrew loh-clear skies

CLEAR SKIES – Inspired by sun loving plants. Pure glycerin soap leaves are infused with a variety of scents. Pick a fresh new leaf and scent for your shower each day.

andrew loh-monsoon rains

MONSOON RAINS – Multiple layered soap. Various natural exfoliating bath fibers are mixed into the various scented layers of soap. The layers erode away with each shower, revealing a new surface of exfoliating texture and scent.

andrew loh-sunny with isolated rains

SUNNY WITH ISOLATED RAINS – Twin set of hand made shower soaps with points to blissfully massage your daily cares away. Mild goat’s milk soap with a exfoliating merino wool felt outer layer.

andrew loh-partly cloudy

PARTLY CLOUDY – Hand made mild goat’s milk soap with a felted merino wool outer layer. Wool fibers are excellent as an exfoliating agent and its natural antibacterial quality renders it completely hygienic throughout its life. No more soggy soaps, it air dries completely after every shower by standing on its legs which doubles as handles when bathing.

andew loh-light breeze

LIGHT WINDS – Elegant and delicately scented shavings of soap petals.

SHOWERS FORECASTED is a series of handmade soaps devised by visual artist and industrial designer Andrew Loh. Based around meteorological terms, the minimally chic soaps will bring visual happiness and a sensorial experience for those who lather up.

“In tropical Singapore, the weather is reassuringly constant, some may say it is even boring as it is routinely either hot or raining outside. However, upon closer observation, we find that the weather has many distinct states and personalities. Similarly, SHOWERS FORECASTED is my re-imagination of how mundane daily rituals can offer moments of fun and delight. These objects will inspire a new appreciation for our daily showers, these rare and valuable moments of quiet respite in our buzzing fast paced, always connected lives.”

Andrew runs a design studio and his portfolio is full with engaging art, design installations and carefully crafted objects. Check it out!



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