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As the founder of creative studio AMIEN, LASALLE graduate Damien Soh has worked on all sorts of commercial projects. Aside from that, Damien runs workshops with a focus on the traditional medium.

About the importance of process and the idea of unravelling abstraction, Damien says: “The truth of the matter is, not everyone knows what to create until they actually get into the process of creating. It might sound a little oxymoronic but for me an idea begins like a random set of tarot cards, Scenario like, “A girl, Pale, in a pool of milk” “a goat with a set of ornate horns” Each of these elements seemingly random held no immediate meaning on its own. The process of painting fleshes out both the narrative and emotionality of the piece, often the symbols begin to make sense organically at this point. However for the most part there is just this sense that you are really just translating from a sub-conscious place. At the end of the day, I step back and become a spectator unraveling the meaning at the same time as the others.”



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