《Wake Me Up At HappyLand》by Josef Lee

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“《Wake Me Up At HappyLand》is a story about a man traveling the world in search of the HappyLand. Afraid of missing it, he carried a sign with him, reminding others to wake him up at the Happy Land. But no one did, and he continued his wanderings until …”

Josef Lee is a hero at creating freely available adult bedtime stories. This month he is back with a crowdfunding campaign, featuring a new story that varies massively from his last two projects.

“The last two stories that I wrote were both dark and sad, and it was also a period where I constantly saw a lot of negative news in the media. Around the same time, I switched to taking the subway to work. That’s when I came across an online video of an experiment whereby a person pretends to fall sleep on the train. He is holding a piece of paper indicating his destination, and wonders if anyone will wake him up. The idea stuck in my mind and soon evolved into the core idea of this story – a person on a journey to HappyLand, but sleeping throughout the journey with no one waking him up.

Initially, I wanted to keep my previous style of storytelling-incorporating the use of words and rhymes- so I did many writing drafts in various approaches, but none of them seemed right. I was stuck in the scripts for quite some time until I attended a presentation by a publisher of Children’s Picture-Books. That stimulated my interest in this area, so I did some further research and reading related to Children’s Picture-Books. Eventually, I tried to make a wordless picture-story with this idea. I found that the minute I threw away the words, all the ideas became more easily conveyed through a visual way.”

The project has reached 32% of it’s US$ 20000 target still with 47 days to go.



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