The Quotidian Magnetic Propulsion pen



If you’re a fidgeting addict, chances are you will love this Kickstarter project. Designed by a team of NUS undergrads, the Quotidian Pen features the world’s first magnetic propulsion mechanism. As you can see from the project page, the pen has enraptured backers who have helped the team hit their $4,000 goal within 20 minutes after launch.

Why a pen?

We all have experienced the effect of rapid digitalisation and realized that some objects are starting to lose the attention they deserve, like pens; and we want to change that. Pens are powerful tools that are incredibly essential and personal in our journey as designers. However, it is a tool that is rarely challenged. Hence, this leads us to design a pen with the main goal to be something new and different. We hope that the Quotidian Pen will encourage people to never stop writing, thinking and creating.

So how does it actually work?

Breaking the cap will reveal the surprising absence of the pen nib. Bringing the cap to the back of the body will allow the pen nib to magically propel out. Apart from that, due to the magnetic forces of the neodymium magnets in the Quotidian Pen, you are able to interact with the pen in the most addictive ways possible. For the first time ever, instead of just clicking and uncapping a pen, the Quotidian Pen allows you to flick, spin and fidget to your heart’s desire.



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