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Watering your plants is now easier than ever. 13-year-old Dylan Soh – with a little help from his dad – designed a self-watering solution that uses recycled plastic drink bottles and a GIY Stick that’ll do the watering for you. “Our mission is to make concrete jungles fertile. We created the GIY (Grow it yourself) stick so new gardeners will never over water their plants again.”

Bottles fitted with the stick easily transform into mozzie proof self-waterers that release water when the plants need it. “The top roots are breathing roots while those at the bottom are the water roots. If the top roots are too wet, the plant drowns or develops root rot. GIY Stick is designed to deliver water to the bottom, keeping the top soil dry, and stops weeds from growing.”

To make a self-watering pot, insert a piece of cloth into the stick, fill the bottle, fix the stick to the pot and you’re all set. If this sounds too complicated, visit their Kickstarter page for an instructional video.



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