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Chiobu Collective is the first broadcaster in Singapore that creates video content targeted at female audiences. The series of videos launched on Thursday and focuses on different aspects of art forms in Food, Fashion, Health, and Music in collaboration with in influencers like Cheryl Wee, DJ Tinc, and Sharon Lam.

In addition to enriching the local arts scene by providing meaningful content that viewers can engage and relate to, Chiobu Collective hopes to build a community where information is freely shared amongst those who practice honing their craft.

Chiobu Collective mirrors a growing movement in women taking a different role in culture and in media regionally. Sites such as Singapore Geek Girls exists to debunk the misconception of girls not being able to excel in the IT industry. Other than having girls who code, gather and help each other with problem solving, female leaders in the industry conduct talks and workshops that help build their community.

The brainchild behind Chiobu Collective is Ang Geck Geck, one of the youngest female directors in Singapore. Throughout her years of experience in directing commercial work, she saw that other females around were mostly given roles that were gender specific like makeup and wardrobe styling. This drove her to create a platform where artists can sell their works, and provide opportunities for collaboration to showcase their skills and talents. “I hope that Singaporean girls will realise that there is more to how the world limits you,” said Geck Geck. “Do not shy away from challenging roles that are male dominated. It is about how you fight to pursue your dreams that is most important.”

About Chiobu Collective

While the term ChioBu is common hokkien slang in Singapore used to describe girls who are hot, The Chiobu Collective aims to redefine it. We look beyond the surface and draw out different personalities that reside in each Chiobu to explore the beauty within through artistic expression, proving that girls have their own means and styles of self-expression, which in itself is already beautiful.

We support women regardless of their age, size, or race by showcasing their individual talents from different categories such as Cooking, Travel, Music & Dance etc. The videos are shared on an online platform to help build a community, opening up more opportunities locally, and internationally as the initiative gains awareness.

The Chiobu Collective was inspired by Chiobu Movement, a one time event in 2012 for females in the creative industry to express themselves by showcasing their written works, and photos.

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