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Inspired by her travels and adventures, Pixin‘s loose and effortless style complete with an on-point colour mix and a narrative, brings life to these everyday occurrences.

About her work: “I love to use the magic of art processes to connect with others. My city is known as the clean and green city, which is true. It is very clean. However, it also makes people crave perfection a little too much. That is why, my artworks uses a lot of recycled or discarded objects, as means of responding to the idea of perfection from where I come from. To me, it is imperfection itself that makes it the perfect state to be at, to be with. I use this approach in my art-making and in my perspective towards life too, as much as I can. The more I feel vulnerable, the more I remind myself: That is good, it means I am living, being myself and being human to another person.”

Beyond art-making, Pixin is working as an art therapist at The Open Centre, where she facilitates the development of children’s inner resources and well-being through psychotherapy-informed processes involved in play and art-making.




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