B O R D E R L E S S by Sziyi Tuan

borderless by sziyi-1

borderless by sziyi-2

borderless by sziyi-3

borderless by sziyi-4

borderless by sziyi-5

Childhood imaginations and the world of the imaginary as drawn by Sziyi Tuan, a final year undergraduate from NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media. Sziyi’s work often has the atmosphere of dreams, imaginations and emotions, and attempts to connect the intangible with reality.

“B O R D E R L E S S challenges the norm of casting away the imaginary in our current society for its annotations of being ‘useless’ and ‘impractical’,” Sziyi explains. “By placing no boundaries on the choice of illustration style and imagination, the final work holds the hopes and dreams that were created in our mind when we were young.”

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