Spotted! Ron Lin

Ron Lin started putting work on Instagram early 2014. Taking inspiration from music, his account is regularly updated with pieces that illustrate song lyrics, “especially Mandopop where Chinese, as pictographs, are really fun to meddle with.” 

Ron is working in a Digital Advertising Agency, where he does site design and produces campaigns. “It was only when I entered the workforce in late 2013, that I started to curate my Instagram feed, basically to keep myself sane from the daily grind. In 2014, it was mainly nature-related content tweaked to the cyan and turquoise hue. But there were too many constraints keeping to that theme. In 2015, I started the 3×3 grid which allowed me to refresh the theme for each series. It also enabled me to accommodate more memorable moments involving my friends. 2016, and I’m still churning out series, sticking  to rows of colours, forming a rainbow spread.”

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