The Island in the Caldera by Lin Xueling

BooksActually‘s publishing arm – Math Paper Press  – announced the release of a young adult fiction novel written for 6 to 15 year olds. The novel, written by journalist Lin Xueling and illustrated by Stephanie Raphaela Ho, is about two sisters who are stuck in a different world filled with ferocious tree dragons and stinky giants. Will they survive? Buy the book for your niece or nephew and let me know ok!

“The Island in the Caldera introduces the sisters, Min Rui and Chloe, who are stuck in a dark, damp room. They meet Naga, who helps them find their way out but not before crossing an obstacle themselves. Both sisters move ahead to take on more challenges while forging new friendships. Through this novel, young readers can also learn about Asia, its history and myths, and even the different inventions by Asian scientists. It is the first of more volumes to come.”

The Island in the Caldera is available at BooksActually.



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