Thumbsforlego by Chiang Ming Yang

I confess. I love all things LEGO. So when I spotted these thumb drives on Etsy, I just had to share them with you. They are hand-made by Chiang Ming Yang, a Communications student at the University at Buffalo, SIM.

Speaking of his project, Ming Yang says: “I used to make gundam model kits, replica guns, leather crafts and spray painting everything including my handphone. The idea for thumbsforlego is the result of me constantly losing my thumb drive. I do quite a bit of photography, video recordings and editing, so I am always carrying a large capacity thumb drive. I have always loved LEGO and hung a bunch of their keychains off my bags, so I thought to myself, “why not find a way to make the keychain into a thumb drive? I embarked on the idea as LEGO is known to be extremely sturdy and their quality, top notch. To complement the high quality of LEGO products, I am using a SanDisk thumbdrive which maintains compatibility across Mac and Windows platforms. The thumbdrive and LEGO keychain have to be meticulously cut to size with an exacto blade as the LEGO plastic is very hard to cut through. After shaving down the size of the thumb drive, it is a near perfect fit inside the tiny LEGO minifigure body. In order to provide durability and reliability of the LEGO keychain thumb drive, I seal the thumbdrive into the body using epoxy resin.”

If you want to purchase one of these babies, you can order them from Etsy.



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