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(from the press release)

Singaporean singer-songwriter DEON will release ‘Oceans Remix’, the follow up to his sophomore album ‘Oceans’, on Tuesday 24 May. This EP, which is a collaborative effort between nine Singaporean musicians and DEON, will be available for free download and streaming. As an added bonus, DEON will also release a Deluxe Package, ‘Oceans Deluxe’, inclusive of ‘Oceans’ + ‘Oceans Remix’ on various digital platforms.

DEON has partnered with nine Singaporean musicians hailing from contrasting backgrounds to work on his songs for ‘Oceans Remix’. He believes that his tunes can be heard from different perspectives when taken on with a fresh set of musical ears. Extracting his melodies from ‘Oceans’, these nine muses have implemented their own arrangements and interpretations on DEON’s songs, and successfully concocted an updated of set of works with trademarks of their own.

Established personalities such as Intriguing, blankverse, mockstarr, and Dru Chen have contributed to this EP; while up-and-coming producers THIEVVES (Discohue, Aquila Vasica), Mitch Advent, and Iggs (China Crisis, The Farm, Ian McColloch) also took on singles from ‘Oceans’. Industry veterans Doopz and hdj tas riser have also left their brand on the EP . Choosing to highlight the original feel of the songs, or going in completely different musical directions has elevated the motif of the songs and given fresh life to DEON’s works.

‘Oceans Remix’ is propelled by creativity, community, change, and the courage to see one’s works picked apart and given new identities. It also sets the tone for DEON’s new musical direction as he pushes for more electronica elements in his future compositions.

‘Oceans Remix’ is a collaborative effort by:
Intriguant [Louis Quek]
blankverse [Isa Foong]
– mockstarr [Adam Shah]
Dru Chen [Andrew Chen]
THIEVVES [Auzaie Zie]
Mitch Advent [Mitch Goh]
Iggs [Tom Ignatius]
Doopz [Amanda Ling]
– hdj tas riser [Leonard Soosay]
and all 9 tracks were mastered by Tom Ignatius.




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