Forgive But Never Forget by Jasvic

An fascinating photography project from Jasvic, an undergraduate of Nanyang Technological University, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Digital Imaging.

About her work: “For years I have built this barrier, this automated system to instinctively shut down any visual recognition of people’s faces. What was meant to be an effective defence mechanism has gradually evolved into a social burden where I am now incapable of remembering faces. I have so successfully suppressed my own ability to recognise that I have now neglected those worth remembering. This series seeks to confront the very faces that drove me into this mental state of facial-forgetfulness through photographic reconstructions. As I was unable to vividly recall any of these faces entirely, I allowed my- self to freely piece the various features I have collected together. While doing so, some similar combinations surfaces and I begin to wonder if these reoccurring faces have any resemblance to those I have been running from for so long…”



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