An Eight Characters Introductory System by Neo Xian Zhen

Nothing intrigues Neo Xian Zhen more than Chinese traditional practices and ideologies. “My family believes strongly in upholding Chinese traditions. My mother once told me that she decided on my name after seeking the advice of a Bazi (Chinese Eight Characters) master.”

Her FYP titled An Eight Characters Introductory System serves to introduce the system of Chinese traditional study of one’s birth through a process of self­-discovery. “My project seeks to present the basic knowledge and rationale behind this complex study in a modern and relevant manner to intrigue the interest of the millennial generation who sees Chinese traditional eight characters as an old-fashioned and superstitious practice. The visual presentation adopts a system of study derived from the basic understanding of the Chinese ‘Eight Characters’ in hopes to provide users with both an experience and better knowledge of this practice.”

If your curiosity still isn’t satisfied, you can visit the ADM Show 2016 which runs from 6 through 15 May.



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