The Beginning by Kylie Yeo

“As a growing child, one of my greatest fears was to lose my parents. Today, as a young adult, I cannot imagine life without my parents and thoughts of losing them or even them aging often leave me with anxiety. It is however, not easy for me to voice out my fears and talk about such issues due to the taboo of this subject especially in Asia. This project is thus inspired by such a personal anxiety, which I believe I do not face alone.”

Kylie Yeo is a Visual Communication student at NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media. Her final year project, “The Beginning” is an illustrated storybook about a little girl who has just lost a grandparent.

“She is taken on a journey by magical sprites to understand different beliefs in afterlife in a Singaporean context. It utilises engaging illustrations to introduce children to the grave subject, creating a safe space for both children and parents to ease into a conversation about the difficult subject.”

Kylie’s work will be part of the ADM Show 2016 which runs from 6 May to 15 May 2016.



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