Paranoia by Centaine Lim and Yeo Huang Hao

Both Visual Effects students at the School of Art, Design and Media, Centaine Lim and Yeo Huang Hao created Paranoia, the story of a former military scout who relives his activities by trekking through familiar desertscape.

Centaine continues: “As the heat and disorientation sets in, he is unnerved by a discovery he makes in the hidden sands of the barren land. This 6-minutes VFX short employs the use of matte paintings, 3D, live-action elements and sound design to tell a story of an irrational and bewildering world. We did the shots on a Blackmagic URSA 4K PL Digital Film Camera, and the post-processing in NUKE Studio.”

Want to know what happens next?  Visit the ADM Show 2016 which runs from 6 until 15 May 2016. 



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