Interstellar by Ian Nale

Ian Nale‘s deliciously executed Interstellar series plays with ice-cream and sophisticated lighting to great effect. The soon-to-be graduate from NYP Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design talks us through the idea behind his series.

“The interstellar series was inspired by my innate fascination with our universe. Also Inspired by Stephen Hawking’s Theory, The Big Bang, I begin to explore the possibilities of what our galaxy looks like. Created by ice cream and sophisticated lighting, the images taken were purely experimental and playful. I played around with different mixtures of ice cream hoping to create a beautiful landscape of stars. The colours and textures of the ice cream helped me evoke wonder and a large space. I’ve photographed these images with a voice in my head, from my lecturer who once told me, mistakes are doors to new possibilities. Hence, I was able to create the unexpected by allowing ice cream to exists on a canvas – a clear acrylic board. Like Stephen Hawking, I hope to broaden the horizon of how we imagine our universe to be like through these images.”



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