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Architectural Designer and Artist Fiona Tan in collab with Artist Yang Jie, will be opening a self-initiated art installation titled INSTANT CITIZEN this Thursday at Dialogic Art Space Golden Mile Tower. Instant Citizen is a tongue-in-cheek way of looking forward and discussing what it means to be a citizen and part of a nation.

(from the press release)

We reflect upon things that have inculcated a common sense of citizenship and national identity amongst us. As a young nation, Singapore’s campaigning efforts to promote good social and societal values have sometimes been perceived as overly sterile, dogmatic, intrusive, and even inimical to the natural development of citizenship.

But is it really?

In this work, we explore the intersection of top-down social control and inter-individual/ communal friction, examine the complex relationship between personal freedom and the greater good of the collective and enter an alternative reality where machines and systems take over the role of producing Instant Citizens. Rather than proposing an answer, the work is intended as a question mark- to inspire further dialogue and appreciate the values and mechanisms that make any country, a liveable and lively home.

We have been working on this show since a year ago and the show would mark our first collaboration where the artwork would bring together our individual strengths in art, construction and architecture.The work consists of a series of implausible and tongue-in-cheek everyday furniture that is deliberately designed to engage with its users in a humorous fashion and to ‘train’ them into good behavior.

Separately, both Yang and myself have been involved in a number of high profile art shows such as artwork with the People’s Association,Youth Olympic Village, Joo Chiat OH! Open House as well as the Southeast Asian Arts Festival, London.

We have kickstarted the show with an invited pop-up preview at the National Design Centre in Nov 2015, where two of seven of the pieces were exhibited in conjunction with the Fifty Years of Singapore Design Exhibition. A public art workshop was also hosted as part of the fringe event.




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