Listen! Whimsy by Jean Reiki

(from the press release)

Following her ethno MindPort EP, Jean Reiki returns with her latest 4 track collection. ‘Whimsy’ sees her further melding personal field recordings with 3D Binaural sound collection while adapting nostalgia and futurism into an amorphous form.

Although ‘Whimsy’ largely drew its inspiration from Jean’s participation in the sonic work challenge of Marc Weidenbaum’s Disquiet Junto, they were still largely in the formative stage and took some time to polish up. Her first offering ‘We have Experiments’ is a sneaky ode to one of those late-night Live International Space Station (ISS) transmission on U-stream channel. It maps out a hypnotic rhythm with the audio conversations between the crew and Mission Control as they conduct experiments. This is followed by ‘Switch In and Out’, a track that builds up incrementally with the sounds of Water Heater, Hand Vacuum and Water Kettle switches being turned on and off. ‘Iceland in My Fridge’ provides a vivid dip into the headphone trip, with organic soundscapes of ice cubes swirling in all directions before taking the listeners into the techy terrain. Lastly, ‘Somebody Up There’ rounds off the release by taking things down a notch. The track begins with fork-tuning, helicopter hovering, homeless man rambling on the street of New York while the beats and melodies transport you to mix of melancholia and elation of travelling solo.

A bonus remix track is hidden in Bandcamp as a giveaway to reward those who download the whole EP.



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