Event! State of Motion

(from the press release)

The Asian Film Archive (AFA) is proud to present State of Motion as part of Singapore Art Week 2016. This is the first time the AFA is participating in Singapore Art Week as an organiser.

Participants will experience classic Singaporean films, new original art works and iconic film locations through a visual art × film history tour and exhibition.

Tour participants will see a presentation of short excerpts from selected Cathay­Keris films before visiting the film locations where an artwork responding to both the film and its site awaits them. The tour will stop at five former film locations ranging from the former k ampongs in Siglap, to the old Outram Prison and the iconic Queen Elizabeth Walk. Each stop will feature a site­specific artwork created by Singapore­based artists: Kin Chui, Mark Thia, Hafiz Osman, Stephanie Jane Burt and Mike HJ Chang. Participants are encouraged to not just remember but to re­imagine the film and an ever­changing Singapore landscape.

State of Motion will also feature a pop­up exhibition, entitled Cathay­Keris On Location, at the National Library Building, curated by the Singapore Film Locations Archive. The exhibition will highlight important landmarks through the films by Cathay­Keris Studio.

Click here for more information about the Tour Route and here to purchase your tickets.



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