Anise presents Inward EP

(from the press release)

Earlier this year, singer-songwriter Anise took a journey inward, learning along the way how to turn feelings of anger and displacement into poetry, and to bid goodbye to the pain of the past. Having returned with a new understanding of solace, Anise presents her debut EP Inward, five songs of dark folk that pair off-kilter chords with tender lyricism – songs that are at once fragile and indignant, ominous and tender.

First track ‘Aoraki’ is a sparse yet stunning folk ballad, with Anise’s melancholic voice backed only by guitar and strings – a strong introduction to her songwriting ability and vocal prowess. ‘Bones’ begins just as austerely, but builds to a majestic crescendo, backed by a full band. The haunting ’Pulp Fiction’ combines soft-spoken meditation on the difficulty of human communication with wry commentary on censorship. In ’Midnight Sweepers’ Anise presents an almost apocalyptic vision of Singapore, and sings an ode to the downtrodden and the invisible who live in this country. The final track ‘Underwater’ is a disquieting and beautiful lament for lost love, and perhaps the most heartbreaking song on Inward.

Anise’s live performances have been noted for her moving songwriting, ‘feathery’ and ‘misty’ vocals, and her quiet yet commanding stage presence, which draws the audience into a cocoon of nervous energy and beautiful brutality. Her performances at Baybeats 2015, Esplanade Cafe 21, Ignite! Festival, and 100+50 Bands Festival, among others, have gained her a cult following, even though she remains relatively unknown.

For her EP Launch on the 6th of December at the Play Den in the Arts House, Anise will be accompanied by Kim Eun Hyung (Kindakid), Daphne Tan, and mainstay collaborator Zhong Ren Koh (Plate) on stage. Click here for tickets.



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