LEVIT8 – a Portable Standing Desk

“It’s heartwarming to see more and more people believe that an ideal work environment should be one that allows our bodies to follow its natural rhythm through adapting to movement. Our bodies are incredibly dynamic and so should the way we live out each day! We think that objects we own and use should allow our bodies to follow its natural rhythm.”

A trawl through kickstarter turned up another nice project by three Industrial Design Undergraduate students at the National University of Singapore. Designed by Letitia Lim, Adriana Justine and Poh Huiqing, the LEVIT8 is a no parts, no assembly, ergonomic, stable and slim portable standing desk that slips right into your laptop case when collapsed.

“Its functionality and form stem from its simple mechanism, an age-old box-twist folding technique. LEVIT8 gives us the flexibility of transforming any ordinary desk into a sit-stand desk anytime, anywhere. A cool and affordable way for anyone to start off his journey towards a healthier (and more fun) way of working.

The kickstarter campaign ends on 4 December. Check it out!



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