The NOAH Desktop Cable Organiser

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Sometimes it’s the simple things that change our lives. Such was our surprise with NOAH, a functionally clever desktop cable organizer devised by Industrial Designers Kevin, JY and Ryan.

Kevin tells us what the organizer is all about (apart from looking terrific) …

“NOAH houses your cables with a simple twist. Designed with basic necessities in mind, it can efficiently store, organise and shorten laptop and phone cables on the tablescape. The secret lies in both the internal zig-zag structure and a quick looping gesture. Combined, this is the key step that gives NOAH the magic touch to extend or retract your cables. The internal zig-zag structure is cleverly designed to perform more. The taper form first organises cables on 3 distinct levels. It also doubles as a springboard that pops the lid off when one nudges the structure. Last, even when flushed against a flat wall, NOAH can still support cable storage with ease thanks to the tapering. All this, in a small package.”

Visit the Indiegogo campaign page for more details.



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