‘Between Stars’ by Ng Hui Hsien

A look at Hui Hsien’s photography series ‘Between Stars’ which has recently been showcased in a slideshow during the Obscura Festival of Photography, and is going to be included in Platform +50 project. “The series references the philosophical implications of our exploration of the universe – both inner and outer – and is a search for meaning and the interconnectedness of all things,” she explains. “It explores the physical world, while relating it to thoughts and emotions in our subconscious that are not often brought to light. It seeks to discover, create and reveal dreamscapes, so as to expand the scope of our perception and awareness of the unseen.”

Hui Hsien is trained in sociology. She is also a freelance writer and researcher. “My art practice primarily uses photography as a medium to explore narrative possibilities. I have participated in a couple of professional mentorship programmes, namely, Shooting Home 2014 (Singapore) and 10th Angkor Photo Festival Workshop (Cambodia). My work has been showcased in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Penang, and I have completed an artist residency in Iceland earlier this May.”

More amazing photographs on her website. Check it out!



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