Not All Dreams Are Dreams by Joseph Chiang


Self- taught artist-printmaker and founder of printmaking studio Monster Gallery, Joseph Chiang is currently showing a gorgeous selection of traditional linocut prints and graphite drawings at Mulan Gallery. The exhib is on till 14 November and coincides with the last day of his upcoming ‘Heroes + Villains: The Art of Portraiture’ show at the Substation from 4 – 14 November. Check it out!

(from the press release)

“The figures in these works are suspended in a fantasy dream world of the bizarre and the uncanny, full of wonder and whimsy. Referencing Dali’s melting clock image in the master’s surrealist works, time is constantly fluid and slipping in this dream fugue. The boy protagonist evokes a child-like sense of imagination and wonder, free and untethered to fixed interpretations and even the body, as childhood innocence is pitted against mysterious recesses welling up from the deep. A symbol of life and the unconscious, the fish figure acts as an emblem of a disquieting exploration seeking to dive beneath the surface of reality into its underlying structures and spiritual order, dancing between worlds while hinting at the realm of transcendence. But any attempt to reach an idealised unity and whole is often frustrated, as the real remains ineffable and fragmented.

In playing with archetype and presenting the same figures over different pieces, the artist imbricates layers of meaning and creates a dialogue via difference and repetition in these works. Through the suspension of everyday reality, these works daringly propose a radical openness to construction and the subconscious, and in so doing, extend through the mirror a very personal offer to partake in the same freedom in interpretation for the viewer.”




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