Spotted! Chin Li Zhi

Chin Li Zhi is an animation graduate from the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) NTU. He is a 2D generalist by training, with extensive experience in graphic design, animation, motion graphics, film graphics, VFX compositing, matte painting and photography.

Pale Blue Dot is Li Zhi’s FYP and blends the charm of 2D with the visual impact of 3D. The animation is set to the words of Carl Sagan, situating human history against the tapestry of the cosmos.

Li Zhi about his work: “One might say that the 21st century represents one of the most peaceful and enlightened ages in human history, what with the last world war more than half a century past. However, critical examination reveals a world that is not much different from the millennia preceding it. Just as global wars characterized the 20th century, increasing economic instability and inequality marks the beginning decades of the 21st century.

It is in such a climate that humanity increasingly finds itself divided, retreating into the comfort of protectionism. Even as colonialism, apartheid and imperialism fade into the pages of history books, nations today grapple with problems that are similar in nature but different in name. Immigration issues and religious segregation dominate developed countries while minorities remain suppressed in others. Economic inequality continues to breed dissent while creating fertile grounds for extremism. Systems and institutions once created to abolish poverty and exhort equality now restrict social mobility, corrupted by a renewed focus on nationalism or political squabbles. These developments are a contradiction to the optimistic hopes and dreams put forth in the 60s, where increasing advancements in technology and knowledge created the potential for a better world devoid of the suffering that permeated the last century.

In light of this, the project Pale Blue Dot seeks to reignite the lost optimism of the last century via a medium that has come to occupy an unprecedented cultural position in the entertainment world of today: Animation. Using an eclectic mix of styles and techniques to represent the myriad differences in human history, Pale Blue Dot will attempt to juxtapose it against the grand and unchanging tapestry of the cosmos via a visually woven accompaniment to Carl Sagan’s seminal Pale Blue Dot passage. Together with an original soundtrack, Pale Blue Dot hopes to inspire viewers and remind them of our shared origins as a species, and rekindle optimism in a cynical age.”



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