Spotted! Vera Lee

There’s a bright blast of colour going down on our site today thanks to Graphic Designer and Illustrator Vera Lee. Vera graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from NTU, School of Arts, Design & Media, majoring in Visual Communication, and according to her bio Henri Matisse is her hero and she loves Fauvism.

Discovering Patterns of Interconnectedness is my final year project. All life is interconnected, forming a single living whole. Upon investigating nature’s fundamental energy pattern (the torus), this project reveals the findings of an interconnected universe visually, inferring the Chinese cosmology of the Five-Element theory (the study of five basic cosmic elements that make up the universe namely as metal, wood water, fire and earth). Using the five cosmic elements as a metaphor of the universe, prints/patterns are derived systematically according to interpretations and translations of the term “interconnectedness”. Through appreciating these prints/patterns and their underlying meanings, an interconnected worldview is conveyed in an interactive and light-hearted manner to the audience.”



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