Eric Wk Ng’s Revolution Magazine Cover

We find it hard to resist a project that involves a lot of gear. And so we present to you Eric Wk Ng’s work for Revolution Magazine. Eric recently worked with the horological magazine to create a Baroque-inspired conceptual cover using a custom 80 DSLR camera rig for 3D capture.

There is a dedicated post detailing the entire process on Eric’s blog. Here’s an excerpt …

“To further expand on the initial concept by the magazine of having 3 figures surrounding a central timepiece, I suggested to incorporate the imagery of the 4 goddesses of time and the seasons, known as the Horae or Horai from Greek Mythology with Baroque styling, drawing inspiration from Gian Lorenzo Bernini for his sense of movement and energy. Having 4 figures representing the seasons further strengthens the concept of time and makes for a more balanced layout as well.

It was also determined earlier that we would be using 3D rendering to create the image and that we would be deploying our 360° 80 DSLR camera capture rig to shoot a real life model …”



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