Passing by Victor Gui at Unseen//Unknown

Today we give you a sneak peek at the work of Victor Gui, one of the seven photographers participating in Unseen//Unknown which opens this Thursday at DECK.

Victor just graduated from his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography and Digital Imaging at Nanyang Technological University. His Passing photo-series explores the ways in which time is portrayed within a single frame. “My daily journey is recorded using a pinhole camera and condensed onto photosensitive paper to produce atmospheric and fleeting images that depict the passing of time.”

About the exhibition: “Drawing with Light – three simple words that mean so much. It entails photography’s lifeblood, the myriad of wonders it brings, yet the numerous burdens it had to bear. By immortalizing slices of time and fractions of a second, photography bears witness to history and recollection. It refuses to let us forget or look away, and makes no apologies for that. At the same time, it also treads the fine line between visibility and invisibility, seductively revealing what ordinarily lies hidden, and obscuring certain things from plain sight. The exhibition features the works of 7 photographers who have attempted, in various ways, to bring light to phenomenons that appear conspicuous but tend to be overlooked. Collectively, these images question not only the representation of illusion and reality in photography but also ourselves. How should we look? Should we find our own light? What happens after the dust settles? The answer, resides inwards.”

Unseen//Unknown opens Thursday at 7pm and runs through 16th August at DECK.



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