Spotted! Christine Frances Lim

Christine Frances Lim‘s Wunderkammer reveals her obsession with shiny things and curious objects. Christine is a fresh grad from the GSA BA communication design program and Cooper’s Cabinet of Curiosities is her final year project.

On Everyday Object (the study): “As every object possesses its own meaning, exploring function as an archetype will allow us to understand the value of an object better. Each object may have the same archetype for function but they serve a very different purpose in our everyday lives. To further explain this, fixing a new light bulb and opening a bottle requires the same turning technique, yet both have different purposes. We are so conditioned around them that the disparity between the function and the value of an object has become less visible to us. To gain clarity, we can make more conscious observation to its archetype. Once we can identify the archetype in an object’s form, we can identify its pattern and manipulate them to create new form and meaning. We can say that all objects have a form of archetype within their design. These archetypes also acts as bases to create new things without us feeling alienated around them, as they tend to give more continuity.

The objects created in Cooper’s Cabinet of Curiosities offer a process and outcomes that would serve as a guide when it comes to making new things, tapping into the potential of everyday object. There are no human drawings in C. Cabinet of Curiosities to suggest an object’s use, this will further challenge our familiarity with things. The surreal yet clinical items may seem almost unreachable, yet they become so familiar again that we may operate them even visually, transcending the 2D illustrations of the objects into 3D.”

On  his Final Year Project (the outcome): “Cooper’s Cabinet of Curiosities is a series of illustrated objects that are both absurd and provoking in narrating experiences forged from daily encounters with objects. The inquiry process employed to understand our relationship with objects is in an intermediary area of scientific research and artistic exploration of things. With introduction of the human behaviour, these objects take on a new persona while maintaining an intense relationship with their use and context.

Cooper’s Cabinet of Curiosities follows no real guidelines but rather, riding on some of the principles of how we actually do things. With favour to surrealism, these playfully illustrated objects have taken things apart so they can be put together again, and have their value re-evaluated and enjoyed. The next step is up to the individual’s perception of things.”



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