Spotted! Kevin Susanto Ngo

NEWater Collection

Identity Collection

Choice Collection

Economy Collection

Fresh from a diploma in 3D Design (Jewelry Design) at NAFA, Kevin Susanto Ngo presents his Singapore Time-Lapse Collection which places the country’s achievements under the spotlight.

“The collection commemorates Singapore’s accomplishment in creating a decade time-lapse for the country after its independence in 1965, materializing the period by bridging the events that happened during the ten years interval. It is a comprehensive label that includes the NEWater Collection, Identity Collection, Choice Collection and Economy Collection.  Inspired by time-lapse photography, the collections act as snap shots to document Singapore journey in the continual progress of existence in the past, giving the nation a glimpse of the successful and difficult checkpoints through the ages.”

Kevin was the first runner-up for La Putri Outstanding Jewellery Designer Competition in the academy year of 2013. He was also the second place runner-up for Accademia Riaci International Art & Design Competition and awarded with Accademia Riaci Scholarship in 2014. His collections have been presented at the NAFA Diploma & Degree Graduation Fashion Show 2014 and exhibited at Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair 2014.




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