Spotted! Evelyn Yong

Since graduating from Visual Communication at Singapore Polytechnic, Evelyn Yong worked as an in-house Multi-Media Producer for a year before starting the Communication Design program at the Glasgow School of Arts Singapore.

At GSA, Evelyn had a chance to play around with different forms of mark-making processes, ended up choosing Scanography, and we’re glad she did.

About her FYP: “Fifty-Five Seconds is a collaboration with a well-known Butoh Dancer, Syv Bruzeau, whom I liaised with during an art exhibition. Based on an inquiry through the scanner as a camera tool that alters our perception through the eyes of technology, the ordinary scanner is taken into an unfamiliar context, extending from a two-dimensional form to a three-dimensional perspective. The Scanner Obscura allows the viewer to explore the precision of the Butoh dancer’s slow organic body movement, expanding their spatial perception of reality between the dancer and her interactive space. The direct copy of the body being compressed through time and space as visual scores in sequence of time, changes the way the aesthetic beauty of body form is often perceived.”

Interested in trying out this new form of photography? Pop by the GSA Degree show at the National Design Center until 26 June. Evelyn has a Scanner Obscura Photo Booth displayed for you to try.



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