Spotted! Alan Chong

Alan Chong is a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication from Nanyang Technological University. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Arts (Research) and his research areas include Daoism, I-Ching, Chinese Metaphysics and culture.

“Besides doing research projects, I am passionate about design and illustration. I am also a nature lover and draw inspiration from plant and cellular graphics.”

Alan’s final year project, titled Fengshui for Shrinking Spaces in Singapore will give you tips on how to Fengshui your home.

Alan: “Fengshui’s techniques and principles have adapted over the years to assist people in selecting an ideal site for settlement and dwelling. For example, ancient Chinese settlers prefer a mountainous range surrounding their dwelling to create a zone that traps heat while preventing cold winds from overwhelming them. Extending its practices now, contemporary Fengshui is about creating a comfortable space by balancing excesses while uplifting the energy of the house to promote family harmony and productivity. This leads to better living and a happier life. A comfortable space is composed by various factors such as sufficient lights, colors, placement of furniture and the direction we are sitting or facing. This project seeks to focus on one of the aspects of Fengshui – the placement of furniture in the context of shrinking spaces in Singapore.

Many existing published materials are too colourful and confusing for those whom are looking to understand the subject of Fengshui. Therefore, I have used grey color primarily as a concept to help focus on the art of placement based on Fengshui principles.”



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