Spotted! Cheryl Chong

Cheryl Chong designed three publications in which she pairs poetry with photography, historic facts and articles to create a visual dialogue exploring traces of time within architectural spaces and objects of significance in Singapore. Equal parts style, concept and substance, the result is an excellent final year project.

Time-Space-People is an attempt to connect time, space and people, an experimental exploration into poetic expression of space within places, based upon spatial experience through photography, video and various mediums. In hopes that through the process, these places and objects can take on new meanings; and that the collective memory of our nation could extend beyond our generation.”

Cheryl likes to explore areas that lie between art and design. To her, design should be a combination of aesthetics and framing an experience for the viewer; simple yet multi-dimensional, allowing layers of meanings and thoughts to be threaded within. “The designer does not merely create a piece of design, but breathes life into his/her work. Only then will people be able to truly feel and connect with the creation.”



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