Project Plug! DEAR Vol 1: Lost and Found

Spotted on Haystakt, Dear Vol 1: Lost and Found, a very tasteful publication by Do Not Design and curated by Yanda.

(from the press release)

DEAR is a zine that collects, archives and immortalises in print, all things fun and unique. From casual conversations to visual essays that aim to assault your senses, to basically anything that piques our curiosity, DEAR celebrates the unusual and the interesting in the spirit of fun. With a healthy pinch of humour and just a dash of seriousness, DEAR is for the everyday person who wishes to uncover the little oddities in everyday life.

For our inaugural issue, we visit nostalgia by exploring the theme Lost and Found in our salad-bowl of a nation, Singapore. Mixed cultures, forgotten identities and the quest for meaning in retrospection are uncovered and probed into by contributing artists Ang Song Nian, Aik Beng Chia, Caleb Ming, Cleo Tsw, Debbie Ong Gie, Ernest Goh, Esther Goh, GT Gan, John Clang, John Nursalim and Yang Tan.

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