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The Days that We Wander/Wonder is a visual arts exhibition with a focus on promoting mental wellbeing through art. Held over the course of March to May in 2015, the exhibition’s first stop will be at DECK by 2902 Gallery from 12 March 2015 to 21 March 2015 and will then move to Jurong Regional Library for the month of May 2015.

Birthed through the collaboration between three arts management students and CHAT, the exhibition has a goal of displaying art whilst making a statement about the pertinence of mental dilemmas among the youth, as well as highlighting the importance of mental wellbeing. The Days that We Wander/Wonder features 7 locally based artists who would be displaying works that revolve an overarching theme of journey through a variety of mediums including photography, video and mixed mediums. Basing their works on their personal ‘journeys’ or as told by people who suffered from mental disorders, the artists invite visitors to ‘wander’ and ‘wonder’ through the exhibition and ponder their own journeys as well as the stories told through the artworks.

The exhibition is held in collaboration with CHAT,Community HealthAssessment Team – a subsidiary of the Institute of Mental Health.With the exhibition’s focus on mental health, CHAT has supported the project as a content provider, allowing the artists to learn more about mental health and thus aiding their creative processes.



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