Spotted! Shanlyn Chew

Robots and mushrooms with some Japanese syllabary thrown in for good measure. Anyone that can combine these elements in an illustration is fine by me. You can see why I’m drawn to Shanlyn Chew’s work then. Shanlyn is a Design Communication graduate from LASALLE with a major in Image and Communication, and a delve into her work invites you to explore her weird and wonderful world.

“I live in this imaginary world populated by quirky creatures and …. mushrooms. When I see an object with a ‘face’, I will start creating its form – usually a robot – in my mind. This is why I enjoy walking and exploring places as I scout my surroundings for inspiration. Sometimes I spend hours in cafe to draw, but I get shy when I’m surrounded by too many people. I often inject silly elements into my works as it kind of portrays the child in me – a silly and unpredictable child. Once in a while, I will throw in some Hiragana or Katakana, because I’m trying hard to practice my basic Japanese. Yes, I’m a big Japan fan.”



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