Sayang Singapura by Pok Pok & Away

Today we chat to Lee Xin Li aka Pok Pok & Away about his new book, Sanyang Singapura: “Coined by Phoaw Yen Shan, a good friend of mine, Sayang Singapura is a reflective and imaginative exploration of Singapore. “Sayang” has the dual meaning of affection for and a pity, a reaction to the changed landscapes of Singapore such as Queenstown where my mum grew up, the former Ama Keng Village where my dad grew up or Neo Tiew Village where I used to play around when I was a child which has turned into a military training ground. These places hold fond memories for my parents, friends and I that have changed over time, serving as an inspiration for the book. It is a whimsical take of my relationship with a rapidly changing homeland.”

“Sayang Singapura” is available at major bookstores including Kinokuniya, Select Books, Books Actually, Times Bookstores and Popular.



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